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é linda


our city is better than


For sure you know someone who has moved to Lisbon recently… Or maybe you just don’t have cool friends.

The city that lives on the streets and its esplanades, takes full advantange of being Europe’s sunniest capital city. A place of history and old ways, which has been mutating year after year through the influence and creativity of its local residents and also through many others who decided to become themselves Lisboetas.

It’s truly an international city, still proud of its roots and own traditions, that makes it sometimes look rather smaller than the importance it recently reached. 

Whether you like beach and waves, hiking in the mountais, riding the old yellow-trams or walk across the labyrinthic streets of the old-town Alfama, you will be at all times surrounded by the bright blue skies and the sounds of the portuguese constant melancholia.

No way better than you writing it in your own words, let it be your story...

F is for Friendly


a panoramic view from your room ?