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what makes you special ?

We do

Even the biggest adventure should have a break. Take a seat. It’s the colors, the shades? Is it the music playing? Smells fresh, just like morning-coffee on a sunny day. You are alive. It’s a map to help you get lost multiple times. You are back. A room. It’s your home. Hugging a towel. It’s soft, no one to judge. A whole city in front of your eyes. A bar. Such a view. Feels sweet doesn’t it? Just like the drink on your hand. Awake. Too good. Has to be true. Everybody can see. It’s the smile of finding a new friend.

It sounds the way it should be.
You already want it.

We do.


F is for Finding

it's. your. new.


Shared Dorms

You are not an anti-social prick.

  • Standard Mixed
  • Superior Mixed
  • Superior Female Only with private WC
  • Individual Lockers
  • Privacy Curtains
  • Reading lights
  • USB Sockets
  • AC

It’s a hostel !

Private Rooms

Everybody else will be jealous.

  • Double Ensuite
  • Twin Ensuite
  • Hairdryers
  • LED Smart TV
  • Nespresso Coffee Machine
  • USB Sockets
  • AC

Is it a Hostel ?

Facilities & Services